Transnational Action on Traditional Knowledge Ethos in Strategic Human Development (TATKESHD)

The objective of TATKESHD is to establish a joint action programme that is used as a model for guiding the integration of traditional knowledge into the formal social economic fabric of communities in developing countries by sensitizing the experiences and knowledge from Uganda and Austria. Understanding the potential of traditional knowledge and ways to adapt it in accordance with inclusive efforts in educational contexts is crucial and will guide the collaboration activities of this project.

At the core of this action there are three features, namely: (i) the development of versatile training structures that encapsulate traditional indigenous knowledge, (ii) gathering examples of successful formats of traditional knowledge economies and education, and (iii) inclusive sustainability designs to inform other contexts. To this end, the project will carry out joint research activities in Ugandan communities that have a long history of traditional knowledge practice and add insights from the Austrian apprenticeship model of vocational training.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To develop a framework for preservation and sustainable use of traditional knowledge for communities in an inclusive way
  2. To explore mechanisms that uplift the social economic status of communities engaged in indigenous knowledge practices
  3. To develop a curriculum that encompasses traditional knowledge for training learners at all levels of education

In line with current efforts to realize SDGs, this application aims to assess and contextualize the role and potential of traditional knowledge in a transnational perspective through applying participatory research tools.